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Apr 6 2022

[Resolved] Rotary Integration Service Interruption

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[Apr 07 2022 9:30 AM] 

Rotary International has resolved this issue at 4PM North American Eastern Time.  Our team resumed the Rotary Integration services at 4:30 PM, and continued to monitor as the queue was processed. All queued events were successfully processed, and we're no longer observing any issues.

[Apr 07 2022 10:30 AM] 

We have confirmed with Rotary International that there is a service disruption with their Integration services,  and they are working to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Until the issue is resolved changes made in ClubRunner that trigger the integration service will be queued.  As soon as the integration service is operational again, all changes that were pending will be sent to Rotary to be processed. Please note that no additional action is required for your integration events  to be sent to Rotary. 

We will update this notice once more information is available or the issue has been resolved.

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