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Form Designer: Add-ons

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Form Designer - Addons

Add-Ons: The add-on section is used to create additional items to be included with the registration. These items can be anything. Within this section an Event Coordinator can apply prices to different items. 

To start click the Add New AddOn button, the window to enter add-on information will appear. Within this section an individual can enter the following options to their add-on.

Code: A manual code field that will be associated with the Add-On.

Set PST/State Tax | Set GST/Fed Tax: This section is dependent on what state or province your event is located in. This section is enabled if taxes are needed to be applied to the add-ons.

Max Registrations allowed: Used to set a registration limit, this should be left blank to be unlimited.

Pricing: The lower section will have the attendee groups, and time ranges applied to this section. An event organizer can apply pricing based on the groups created and the time ranges setup. The amounts entered are the full amounts for the add-on despite the time range. Once the information is entered, click the Save button to save the add-on details or Cancel button to discard.

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