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Form Designer: Standard Questionnaire

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Form Designer - Standard Questionnaire

Standard Questionnaire: The Standard Questionnaire is the registration form. This section will automatically be filled by default information. 

If you require additional information to be added to the standard questionnaire, click the Add Question button, which will open a new page. When adding a new question the following items will need to be determined:

Type: This section is dependent on the type of question selected. The following is the list of question types:

True/False: Questions that require a true or false answer.

Long Text: longer typed out answers

Short Text: Shorter typed out answers

Selectable: Question with selectable answers with in the form.

Required: A required field is requested information by the user, the attendee cannot continue on with the registration without that particular field being filled in. All required fields will be marked with the Required () icon.

Question: Enter the question you would like to ask the attendee.

Once all the information is entered, click on the Save button to save the question to the event orCancel button to discard changes.

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