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How do I edit or change an other user's membership type? - Knowledgebase / Club Help / Club - Administration Guide / Membership Management - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

How do I edit or change an other user's membership type?

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For our Club's maintaining inactive member records, or matching records in another system, Inactive Members can be assigned a different in active membership type. To change an inactive member's membership type, please see the following steps.

Note: For Rotary International Clubs this guide can be helpful to resolve Inactive Member Type Mismatches. Such as marking a profile as an 'RI Duplicate'. For example, a member may have had a duplicate record in ClubRunner, but this record was originally terminated for reasons other than being a duplicate (Disinterest for example).
  1. To access the Member List feature, you must go to your club homepage and log in. Then, click on 'Member Area' near the top right of the page.

  2. Along the top of the screen you will see several tabs. Click on the 'Membership' tab.

  3. Click on 'Member Lists'.

  4. In the menu on the left-hand side, click 'Other User List'

  5. Click the 'Change Status' link to the right of the other user's name

  6. Click the 'Edit Inactive Member Type' button on the Change Status page

  7. From the 'Membership Type' drop-down, select the membership type you wish to assign to the member

  8. Click the orange 'Save' button

Once this is saved, the member will be given the assigned other user membership type.

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