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What is RI 2-Way True Sync?

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The Rotary 2-Way True Sync allows your ClubRunner account to automatically process updates for membership information when it occurs outside of ClubRunner. Some examples of updates that True Sync supports are:

  • Adding New Member

  • Terminating Members

  • Updating Members Profiles

Clubs are in control of what data will be brought into ClubRunner, just like they have control over what data is sent for processing. Both clubs and their members can choose to opt out of specific updates based on their preferences. Learn more about that below:

True Sync updates are processed once every 24 hours from Rotary International. The True Sync process works in tandem with our updates system to help ensure that ClubRunner should always be reasonably up to date based on your preferences.

Learn more about setting the automatic Rotary International integration and Opting In & Out of RI Integration & RI Integration settings.

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