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Why can’t I reply-all in ClubRunner?

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We receive a fair number of requests asking for ClubRunner’s email system to allow reply-all. While we understand why this is being requested, we’ve written this FAQ entry to help our customers understand the reason why we do not have the ability to reply-all.

The communication system in ClubRunner is intended as an announcement or broadcast system. Much like television and radio it’s a one way communication system designed to send messages out to the people in your club, district, or association. While we understand the importance of targeted discussion, the goal is to transmit information, not specifically to facilitate communication between the recipients.

These are the current primary reasons why Reply-All is not available:

  • Each email that is sent out to a member is generated and sent directly only to them. We do not send emails to multiple addresses and/or BCC or CC others. Each and every email sent out of the system is designed to be received by only one person. There is an option to include a list of recipients as an attachment if needed, simply for informational purposes.
  • For privacy reasons, we cannot send emails to multiple recipients in one email because that would divulge their email addresses to each other. As we expand the email lists to include non-members as well, this becomes even more important.
  • Unless we generate emails individually, we would not be able to have accurate or detailed email statistics. Further, if somehow reply-all was made available we wouldn’t be able to track the replies as they would not be processed through our system.

We recognize that a centralized discussion forum is of value for groups, and are working towards some solutions to achieve those goals.

Please continue to submit feedback regarding your needs to help us better address them.

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