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ClubRunner Email Delivery Issues May 18-20 2020 - News / Service Issues - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

May 22 2020

ClubRunner Email Delivery Issues May 18-20 2020

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Our email service provider SendGrid had an interruption in their DNS services that led to an increased number of bounced and blocked emails. More information about the specific incident is listed on their website:

Blocks that occurred between May 18 to May 20th have been removed from the master block list. The block list is a list of suppressed emails; once an email has landed on the list no emails are sent to it until removed. You may still see the individual blocks from this time period listed on the Managed Blocked Email page, and you may safely remove them.

We encourage you to review your email and bulletin stats to identify members who may not have received emails, and resend them copies as required.

How to review Email stats:
How to review Blocked emails: 

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