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ClubRunner updates for November 2021 - News / Product Updates - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

Jan 17 2022

ClubRunner updates for November 2021

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We strive to make regular improvements to the ClubRunner platform through our bi-weekly software updates. Below are just a few of the improvements we made in November 2021.

Rotary Integration

  • Updated Birthday Integration logic, and improved messaging for unsuccessful attempts.


  • Club Activity report has been updated to better handle cases related to time zone interaction with daylight savings times and leap years.


  • Improved validation of the confirmation email template for settings and campaigns.

Website & Bulletin Live Designer

  • Addressed an issue when creating new Bulletins and Pages from templates, where not all widget properties would be transferred into the newly created content.
  • Removed link options for Zones and Districts that were only available for Clubs.


  • Zone Communication lists are now built based on the classification of the district position by the zone, instead of by name of the position defined by the district.


  • Kenyan Shilling is now available for customers in Event Planner, MyEventRunner, and Dues and Billing modules.
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