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ClubRunner Release Notes (January - June 2023) - News / Product Updates - ClubRunner Support & Knowledgebase

Apr 25 2024

ClubRunner Release Notes (January - June 2023)

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We strive to make regular improvements to the ClubRunner platform through our bi-weekly software updates. Below are just a few of the improvements we made between January to June 2023.


New Functionality

  • You can now resend emails to recipients who could did receive the initial email, after unblocking the recipient’s email address. Learn more about the resend feature.

  • Introduced improved spam detection filters to help further prevent unwanted spam messages from being delivered through contact forms on your website.

  • In response to Google’s retirement of Universal Analytics, ClubRunner now supports Google Analytics 4. As per Google’s requirements, customers currently using Universal Analytics are required to migrate to Google Analytics 4 in order to continue tracking website analytics. Refer to the following guide on how to migrate your Google Analytics account.

System Updates


ClubRunner Mobile App

  • Improved start up performance of the Mobile app so the first launch after installation is much faster, allowing you to login and start using it sooner.

  • Resolved an issue where certain Android & iOS device models were not able to make outgoing calls from the app.

  • Resolved an issue where the screen would rotate to match device orientation, even while ‘Auto-Rotate’ phone setting was turned off.


  • Addressed an issue where the Go Back button on the top left would not appear on some pages within the Members Area, to navigate to the previous page.


  • Improved bulletin themes to further support better rendering on the Microsoft Outlook mobile app.

  • Resolved an issue where multiple stories within the Bulletin Stories widget could not be removed simultaneously using the “Remove Selected” bulk action.


  • Resolved an issue affecting the 'Send Test Email to Myself Only' option for Committee emails, ensuring that test emails are now delivered as intended..




  • Resolved an issue where exporting all Donations in the Donations Report, did not produce spreadsheet file of results.

  • Updated the Donation Campaign checkout page to display the currency code of the transaction.


  • Improved Event Invitation email templates to better highlight Register or Decline as the call to actions for attendees.

  • Addressed an issue where the club's logo was not displaying on Event Planner event name tags in cases where no event image was present.

  • Improved MyEventRunner Phone code validation to ensure users can successfully complete their registrations.

  • Improved MyEventRunner Print Name Badges to conform with the current versions of Avery Label templates.

  • Significantly improved performance of the MyEventRunner email service to allow for faster processing of outgoing emails.


  • Resolved an issue where Area Governors were prevented from viewing their own club’s officers while using the district account.

  • Resolved an issue where Area Governors were unable to view or manage club officers within their area when filtering in the future.

  • Spouse and Partner information will now appear in the Member Area’s Member Photo Directory, when the member’s privacy settings allow the information to appear.

  • Improved how profile pictures are displayed in Club Directories, such as the Member Photo Directory, so that the member’s profile image aspect ratio is maintained.

RI Integration

  • Introduced improved validation messages when attempting to add a member to your club that is listed as an active member of another Rotary club. Learn more about transferring members in ClubRunner.

  • Improved the Executive Compare and Sync logic to always prefer active member records, when there are inactive and active member records with the same Rotary ID.




  • Improved password complexity requirements by introducing additional security protocols and guidelines such as minimum password length, prohibiting specific words such as Rotary, ClubRunner, etc.


  • Updated the Volunteer Sign Up page with improvement styling for when 10 or more volunteer slots are displayed.


  • Custom Page Templates will no longer appear in the ‘Link’ dialog, ‘Link Type’ - ‘Custom Page’ drop-down menu.

  • Images in the Image Library will now display the date the image was uploaded, rather than the date they were last modified.

  • Updated the Dynamic Carousels to improve mobile compatibility following web design standards. Now, any text or buttons that overlay the slide on a desktop will appear underneath the image on mobile devices to make it easier to view and interact with the links. Learn more about creating a Dynamic Carousel with images and button links for your website.

  • Improved how link buttons are displayed on Dynamic Carousel slides for certain website colour themes.

  • Improved the Contact Form and Contact Us widgets to better display any error messages that notify the person completing the form that they need to take a specific action before they can successfully submit it.

  • Updated the Printable Calendar page to no longer be indexed by Search Engines to improve SEO performance.


  • Added the Jamaican Dollar as a currency option for the Dues and Billing module.

  • Added Polish Zloty as a currency option for the Dues and Billing module.

  • Mail merge fields are now supported in the translated version of the platform to appear in the corresponding language.

  • Resolved an issue where updating the account’s address, the state/province and postal/zip code fields appeared initially in the account’s website language, but would flash and change to display in English. The state/province and postal/zip code fields should now remain translated.

  • The Email Stats page is now supported in the translated version of the platform, displaying the delivery status indicators in the corresponding language. Learn more about viewing Email Stats.

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