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Nov 8 2021

ClubRunner updates for October 2021

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We strive to make regular improvements to the ClubRunner platform through our bi-weekly software updates. Below are just a few of the improvements we made in October 2021.


  • When creating a donation export in a specific time range, the end date & time had been set to the start of the day, instead of the end of the day.
  • Donation exports in some cases were missing exported data, due to time zone and server time differences.
  • Improved the Donation Settings Email template interface. It was not clear that not picking a default template, would prevent confirmation emails from being sent.


  • Folders in the image library with parentheses ( ) characters could present issues when deleting and renaming the folder.
  • Website Update service was updated to improve thumbnail generation performance, and reduce update delays.
  • Addressed an issue in the website menu system that prevented saving a document menu item, if the document had been deleted and re-created.

Email & Bulletins

  • Email processing service updated to improve performance, and reduce delayed sending.
  • Scheduled Emails could get stuck in the “Sending in Progress” status while being processed, despite the email being fully sent.
  • Scheduled Emails were incorrectly displayed, showing the scheduled details over two lines instead of one.
  • When working on a Bulletin created from a Bulletin template that contained a stories widget, the template would not always show the latest story list changes.
  • Addresses an issue in the Bulletin Live Designer that prevented the user from working with preformatted and custom widgets, after editing a story.

Privacy & GDPR Tools

  • Improved GDPR Pseudo Anon tools performance and searching features.
  • Improved GDPR Pseudo Anon tools for District and Zone Administrators.

Membership Management

  • Updated the Add New Member page to support account’s chosen default new member template.
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