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Dec 3 2021

Introducing Donation Campaigns

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We’re pleased to announce that the Donations module now supports creation of donation campaigns for your fundraisers, and to track performance!


Campaigns allow you to better promote your different initiatives and direct your donors to specific goals and causes. Each campaign is customizable, allowing full control of all donation details and confirmation messages.

All public campaigns will automatically display on the new Donations listing page which you can publish on your website! Donors will be able to view the campaign name, description, as well as the amount of money raised and the number of donors.

Each campaign features its own dedicated landing page, making it easy for your organization to direct users to the appropriate pages.

Reporting & Analytics

With campaign support comes better insights into your donations activity! You will now find a new Donations Analytics dashboard, which lets you track the performance of your campaigns and donations to date!

Each campaign has its own dedicated dashboard as well, allowing you to get insights on a granular level.

The donation reports also allows you to filter on individual campaigns and export your data.

Its now easier than ever to identify which transactions relate to each campaign through Campaign Codes. Like MyEventRunner, these campaign codes will be used in the transaction details on your payment processor.

This update is available for all customers who are eligible to use the Donation module with our supported payment providers: Bambora & Sage/Paya. Ready to get started? Dive into our updated Donations Guide today!

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