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Legacy Themes

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A Legacy theme is a retired ClubRunner theme. Any theme with the legacy tag means it is no longer getting updates or bug fixes. All new features and functionality are being developed only with Next Gen themes in mind.

Note: If you change to a Next Gen theme, you will not be able to switch back to a legacy theme.

Switching to a new Next Gen theme is very easy, the following articles should help you get started:


Is there any cost to upgrade to a Next Gen theme?
No, Next Gen themes are available to all ClubRunner Subscribers.

What are the benefits of moving to Next Gen themes?
Next Gen themes will be continue to receive updates and new functionality.

  • They are built on Bootstrap an industry standard framework.
  • They are focused on mobile friendliness
  • They have new functionality such as: Stories Comments, Story Likes, and Story Tagging

I need a banner, is there a Next Gen theme with a banner?
Should you need a banner on your club's website, there are now Next Gen themes with banner support like Cloud, and Elegant!

How do I get an icon to show on the menu?
This guide will show you how to place the Menu Home icon

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