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Opting In & Out of RI Integration & RI Integration settings on the District

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If a Club Executive has already opted you into Rotary International database integration using the RI website, you can 'fine tune' the settings.

Alternatively, your club has the option at any time to discontinue integration and opt out. To do either, follow these steps on ClubRunner.

1. Login to the District's website site.  

2. Click on the For Clubs tab.

3. Next, click on RI Integration settings.

4. You will now see a check mark on the new page. Check or uncheck the box labelled Switch on Data Integration

If opting out, you will see a confirmation message in red indicating the date and time that you have rejected integration. At that point in time, all future changes made to your club database will no longer be sent to RI. If you had any pending changes in the queue, those will also be cancelled, however note that if an email was already sent to RI, this cannot be recalled and that change will still be processed


5. After integration has been turned on, in the Choose Club RI Integration Privacy section you will see several check-box options that control exactly which data fields get sent to RI, e.g., Allow Birthday, Allow Home Phone, etc.

Also, you can assign an "RI Notification Contact," or the main contact person who gets notified if there are issues with the RI Compare & Sync.  The current year secretary is the RI integration contact by default.

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