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Dec 2 2021

New RI Integrated Club Executive Positions

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We're pleased to announce that ClubRunner now integrates two more executive positions with Rotary International:

  • Club Service Projects Chair
  • Club Public Image Chair

Setting up the positions for clubs

These new club positions first have to be added through the Club Position Types page on the District database. If your District has similarly named positions already defined, a District Administrator can attach the position codes to the already existing positions in order to sync the data to RI. Follow the steps outlined in this help article to learn more: How Do I Define Executive/Directors Positions

Clubs assigning members

Once the positions have been set with the associated code, a Club Executive can assign members to these two new positions through the Club Executives & Directors list, by following the instructions listed in the following help article: How do I add Executives on the District?

District Administrators can assist clubs with comparing their integrated Club Executive positions in ClubRunner and Rotary International.  Click here to learn more.

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