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What is the club activity report?

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The Club Activity report displays the Club's member's activity in the Club. It display the member's information, participation points, attendance, volunteering, events, and more. Member earn participation points based on how active they are in the Club. If the member is a club officer, belongs to a committee, has good attendance, attends events, volunteers, and more these all earn points. This report displays all of these and totals them up. To learn more about this report please follow the steps below:

  1. Please login to ClubRunner by going to the Club's website and click on the link near the top right called Member Login.

  2. After you login, please click Member Area near the top right.

  3. On the grey menu bar, near the top click Reports.

  4. On the blue menu bar click Club Activity.

  5. This takes you to the Club Activity report. By default it displays the current year. You can change this by the options:

    • Since Created - This pulls all of the data since the club was created in ClubRunner.
    • By Year - You can select which year you would like to see.
    • Date Range - You can put a custom date range in to find pin point information.
    • Print - This lets you print the report.
    • Refresh - This refreshes the page to display the options you selected.

  6. The first part of the report displays the following:

    • Membership Overview - Displays the Club's name, chartered date, how many members at the start of the year and end, number of new members, and number of terminated members.
    • Total Participation Points - This is the total points the members earned this year so far. To learn more about Participation Points please read the article called Where Can I View or Change Participation Points?
    • Comparison to Last Year - This is how many points the members had last year.
    • Summary - Displays the average attendance, average age, and total events.

  7. The next part of the report displays the following:

    • Member History - Displays a graph of the member count.
    • Email Usage - Displays the number of emails sent and displays the total amount of messages.
    • Attendance - Displays the Club's attendance details.

  8.  The next part of the report displays the following:

    • Age Distribution - Displays the members age distribution.
    • Gender Distribution - Displays the members gender distribution.
    • Year of Service Distribution - Displays how long the members were part of the organization.

  9.  The next part of the report displays the following:

    • Club Executives- Displays the Club Executives.
    • Member Designations- Displays how many members have designations or awards.
    • Events- Displays the Club's events.
    • Community Participation - Displays how many discussion posts, comments, and likes there are. This is pulled from the blog area of ClubRunner.

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